Camp Update April-May 2021

 In April, the steel doors were taken apart so the frames could be primed to prevent rust, the new pavilion structurally strengthened and repairs done to tractors.  We also had a great event –the FCF Spring Trace where 59 attended, 19 guys went buckskin and 3 new frontiersman.  In May we had NEEC training with 19 from PennDelthere.  On our May 22nd work day, the corners and door frames went in on the outside walls, the climbing wall was completed along with new lighting and the mowing deck of the mower was diagnosed–gear box is shot.  Thank you to Jeremy Shuey, Rodney Shuey, Riley Heller, Wyatt Heller, Brent Heller, George Pentz, Mike Warner, Nathan Buckman, Daniel Buckman, Oliver Fromm, Ralph Messmer, Mike Ardeno, Bo Taylor, Elijah Taylor, Eli Parthmore, Scott Parthmore, Richard Marrow, Tuwa, Noelle and Natalia.