Camp Update March 2021

 Thursday before the pour Mike Ardeno and Steve Steffel finalized the plumbing. And there was one pipe that was packed with clay and rock. With a lot of persuasion and a super strong vacuum that got evacuated. The day of the pour it was supposed to rain all through the night and up to about 7:30am. It only drizzled at most so conditions were still good for the pour. After the first concrete truck arrived a semi and another flatbed showed up with block –Steve had told the block company we would be needing split face block after our pour on March 26th and they had gotten confused and decided to deliver on the 26th–they looked back at their notes and acknowledged the error. We tried to get them to put the block way down below where we were pouring but the semi took a wide turn and slid down toward the field and got stuck. Fortunately the driver was good with the fork machine and got it unloaded pretty quick and we pulled it back out and onto the road. They later moved all the block down towards the pole barn.  The other truck waited until we were in between concrete loads and went down and unloaded.The concrete pour went well under George Stitely’s and Brent Heller’s direction. Very special thanks to George Stitely and Matt for bringing equipment and know how so the job was done well. Brent Heller and others quickly made concrete boxes so we could expand the concrete piers for the new pavilion and then poured the excess concrete on the driveway into the new pole barn. In addition a number of the boys assisted Steve Steffel and cleared up the 5 trees that had been cut down by the Farm House to prevent them from falling onto the car port and house.

Praise the Lord for great weather, some wonderful Royal Ranger leaders and boys and for all the work that was accomplished. Thanks to all!