Camp Update March 2021

 Thursday before the pour Mike Ardeno and Steve Steffel finalized the plumbing. And there was one pipe that was packed with clay and rock. With a lot of persuasion and a super strong vacuum that got evacuated. The day of the pour it was supposed to rain all through the night and up to about 7:30am. It only drizzled at … Read More

Camp Update Feb. 2021

 Snow and more snow.  We were given over 5,000 unused bricks for free –the challenge –picking them up and getting them to camp.  This will complete what we need for the decorative entrance wall.  Then we bought a 5,000 gallon insulated water tank so we will have the volume of water needed for the shower house.  

Camp Update 1-21-2021

Picked up 850 bricks for under 10cents/brick. Since the owner didn’t measure correctly, these are 2.75”thick instead of 2.25” which is needed for the back row of the decorative wall, we can use them for a barbecue-oven-smoker-cooking area.

Camp Update 1-9-2021

Update December 28, 2020 Felled 5 trees threatening to fall on carport/house, dropped off 4 ladders and bricks, winterized house and put plastic on block walls of shower house. Update January 9, 2021 Picked up over 11 tons (3,600) 12” bricks, enough to build a 120’, 6 foot decorative front wall.  These commercial grade bricks which go for around $2 … Read More