Camp Update 1-21-2021

Picked up 850 bricks for under 10cents/brick. Since the owner didn’t measure correctly, these are 2.75”thick instead of 2.25” which is needed for the back row of the decorative wall, we can use them for a barbecue-oven-smoker-cooking area.

Camp Update 1-9-2021

Update December 28, 2020 Felled 5 trees threatening to fall on carport/house, dropped off 4 ladders and bricks, winterized house and put plastic on block walls of shower house. Update January 9, 2021 Picked up over 11 tons (3,600) 12” bricks, enough to build a 120’, 6 foot decorative front wall.  These commercial grade bricks which go for around $2 … Read More