Gold Medal of Achievement Association

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The Gold Medal of Achievement Association (GMAA) is an organization for boys and men that have earned the Royal Rangers Gold Medal of Achievement and are currently living and chartered in the Penn-Del District.

If you know the current contact information for anyone who has earned the Gold Medal of Achievement in our District - Please email the information to our GMA President, John Bender.

Medals Listings (Individuals):

Medals Standings (Outpost):


To All GMA Candidates:

Gentlemen, if you have already passed your GMA review board, please send your GMA ceremony announcements to jbender@pdrangers.org so we can post your GMA ceremony announcement on the GMA blog. Also, after your ceremony, please send Cmdr. John Bender a 1-4 paragraph summary with at least one good digital photo so we can also add that to the GMA blog.

And a reminder to all...

The Penn-Del GMAA celebrates and honors all our current and future PDJLDA Sabers. But remember, the highest award in Royal Rangers is and always will be the "Gold Medal of Achievement"! If you are a Saber, yet don't have the GMA, then get your self organized and finish up the trail to the GMA!

GMA recipients must: