Hunting Lease of Camp Berry

Bid #2021

The Camp Council of Camp Berry of the PennDel District Royal Rangers has authorized the 5-year hunting lease by sealed bid of Camp Berry located at WMM-4B3495 Middle Road, Honey Grove, PA 17035.

The Camp Council will accept sealed bids for the 5-year hunting lease until 3:00pm on Monday, December 6th, 2021.

Bidding instructions and the offer to lease forms shall be available from Camp Berry Camp Manager and on PennDel Royal Rangers website at

All bids must be made on the offer to lease form provided by the Camp Berry Camp Council and placed in an envelope with the words “sealed bid” written on the outside.

Bids shall be delivered to PennDel Royal Rangers, 507 Howell School Road, Bear, DE 19701.

The Camp Berry Camp Council will determine the highest responsible bidder for the property lease and will award the bid by December 31, 2021.

In addition, to be responsible, a bidder must be a current active Royal Ranger leader or currently holding the hunting lease at Camp Berry.

The bidder may have a hunting group of up to 12 join in the bid and in hunting. However, only one lessee will be responsible for signing and payment of the lease to PennDel Royal Rangers. No other parties except those listed on the bid application will be allowed to hunt the property.

The Camp Berry Camp Council reserves the right to withdraw the property from lease at any time and the right to reject all bids.

All Camp Council members desiring to bid on the hunting lease must excuse themselves from any voting revolving around the hunting lease.

Inquiries about the property and hunting lease may be made to Camp Berry Camp Manager Brent Heller at [email protected].

Bid Applications and Additional Information