Royal Rangers instructors form the critical link between local leaders and the various aspects of the program. Instructors provide valuable training to equip leaders for success in their various areas of responsibility. Currently each district oversees the process of certifying instructors to provide training in their district. The instructor certification process currently consists of two components—the Instructor Certification Seminar (ICS) and the Instructor Trainer Seminar (ITS). Instructors involved in national training events are prepared for their roles through National Academy and Advanced Academy.

The PennDel District is always looking for top notch instructors for their training staff. For more information on ICS and ITS, contact our district training coordinator, Paul Sheaffer by email or call (717) 795-2992

Training Academy is to certify quality instructors to teach Ranger Basics (RB), Ranger Essentials (RE), and Ranger Ministry Academy (RMA) continuous learning electives (cle) in order to ensure that highly competent instructors who reflect favorably on Royal Rangers conduct training. Certification will be provided through the region in cooperation with the local district. The Training Academy will prepare graduates to teach in the Rangers Ministry Academy and will be the prerequisite for attending all other academies.  Visit Rangers Ministry Academy for basic qualifications for attendance at the Training Academy.

National Academy is a national training seminar designed to train recommended leaders to become staff members at national training events.

National Advanced Academy is a national training seminar designed to train recommended leaders for specialized leadership roles at the various national training events.

National Academy Instructor is a member of the instructing staff at a National Academy or Advanced Academy. Serving as an Academy Instructor is by invitation only from the national Royal Rangers ministry.