Our vision for the Penn-Del District Royal Rangers is to have a functioning and growing Royal Ranger ministry in every Assembly of God church in our district and in numerous Pentecostal and Independent churches throughout the district; to mold and develop our district into the premier district in the country and influence more boys and young men than ever, more effectively than ever.

The Royal Ranger ministry will be the premier, most sought after church ministry for the current and next generation of men in our district – period! It will be affordable and practical so that every family and church can participate.

Our ministry will remain relevant by being quick and nimble to learn and adapt to our changing society and cultures. We will develop and implement new ideas that will peak the interests of any boy or man.

Men will be eager to be trained to mentor young men in Christlike manhood; young men will be empowered and eager to assume leadership of Royal Rangers, making it a boy-led, adult facilitated ministry.

Personal and spiritual growth will be fun, hands-on, and experiential; friendships will charge our ministry and atmosphere.

We will reach every boy and young man by creative methods; every Ranger will be eager to serve a God-given cause greater than self and eager to learn and achieve and grow in the knowledge of God.

We will see Royal Ranger boys grow, be responsible, take on leadership roles in all walks of life, and raise families that serve God.