How to Start a Royal Ranger Outpost

You don't have a Royal Rangers outpost in your church. You are eager to launch. What's next?  First, you need to familiarize yourself with the Royal Ranger ministry, membership, resources, training, costs, and how to start a new Royal Ranger outpost.  Click on this link Start Royal Rangers, an online resource for starting an effective Royal Rangers ministry and familiarize yourself with the Royal Ranger ministry and then come back to this page where you will find a few simple but deliberate steps to take as you lay the foundations for a lasting and effective ministry to the next generation of men in your church and community...Ready, set, go!


MedLeaders Manual

On my mark, get in the know! That is what this first step involves, preparing yourself with knowledge. Make decisions and plans on solid information. Start by reading "Inspire the Journey" the Royal Rangers Leaders Manual. It draws a clear picture of the value Royal Rangers adds to the health and vitality of a church and describes its simplicity and flexibility to compliment easily your church's discipleship process.

Next, review the Royal Rangers curriculum. Through an ongoing process of revision and improvement, the Royal Rangers curriculum is continually being updated and improved, and continues to be the most valuable material available for mentoring future men into Christlike manhood.

Information will spark vision as you consider the limitless opportunities Royal Rangers affords you and your church to touch young families in your community. That is why churches launch Royal Rangers-to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. Every parent wants his/her sons to fit that description!


Draw-up plans for success! Start by asking the "what" assessment questions.

After asking these and other assessment questions, start asking the "who" questions. Who will lead this ministry? Carefully select the right leaders and discuss your vision. Selecting the right leader will be a major factor in the success of your program.

The next step is to get your leaders into training. The Rangers Ministry Academy offers a clear and dynamic four-level training program for local leaders-Ready, Safety, Trained, and Advanced. Get your leaders through the first two, and you will have leaders eager and prepared to launch! After the kick-off, encourage them to finish their training.

STEP 3 - GO!

Ready, set, go! You have already asked "What" and "Who." Now, it is time to ask "When?" When should we begin? Should we start at the beginning of a new school year or a new calendar year, or should we start at the start of the summer?

As you can tell, starting Royal Rangers is not difficult, but it does require walking through a deliberate process to lay a solid foundation upon which the ministry can grow and thrive. Because you launch Royal Rangers, boys and families will put their faith in Jesus. They will grow in their knowledge of Christ, maturing as godly men and future husbands, fathers, and churchmen. They will become Spirit-filled and empowered for a life of Kingdom service! Yes, mentoring relationships can be that powerful!


If you are still unsure on to how to get your Royal Ranger outpost going, contact us and let us know you are interested or have started a Royal Ranger program so we can make sure you have everything you need to make your program a success. Use the Connect tab to Contact us and get in touch with us. We are anxious and waiting to help.


If you are an Assemblies of God church you can charter online. Click here to charter online.

If you are a PCCNA church click here to download and complete the PCCNA Church Charter Application.

If you are an independent church (Non-Assembly of God & Non-PCCNA church) click here to download and complete the Independent Church Charter Application.

If you are a PCCNA church or independent church and this is the first time you are chartering, mail all applications and charter fees to our Charter Coordinator, Steve Parrillo, 35 Harvard Road, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-7177.  He will help you from there.  For chartering questions contact Steve Parrillo at sjparrillo@comcast.net or at (610) 278-6943.

For more information about Chartering click here.

Start Royal Rangers for under $100.

Purchase the Leader Manual and a TRaCclub membership track for each group(s) you are starting.

The Leader Manual is the backbone for leader training and explains the philosophy for the ministry of Royal Rangers. It features invaluable helps and guidelines for local leaders and is the go-to resource for all Rangers Ministry Academy events.

TRaCclub is the Royal Rangers digital curriculum. A membership includes meeting guides, Bible merits, skill merits, leadership merits, and more.

Royal Rangers Leader Manual: Inspire the Journey (#020707)

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