Grades 6, 7, 8

As Adventure Rangers, sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade young men have the chance to encounter new and exciting things.  A Ranger is one who explores new frontiers, so the Adventure Ranger will explore new areas as he learns the history of Royal Rangers and takes advantage of opportunities for the future. Adventure Rangers can earn gold, green, silver, brown, orange, and 4 red merits towards the highest award in Royal Rangers, the Gold Medal of Achievements. Along the way they can earn the bronze and silver medals.

The advancement system represents one of the seven methods used in Royal Rangers to achieve the mission & purpose of the program. Advancement is the process by which boys progress from one advancement step to the next. As boys grow through their involvement in rangers they will encounter many opportunities for advancement. The Adventure Rangers age group provides an advancement trail that is both challenging and rewarding to boys.

Details on the advancement system can be found by visiting our GMAA section or visiting Adventure Rangers.

For more information, contact Adventure Rangers Coordinator Jack Snyder