Ranger Safety Online Training Course

It is the responsibility of all Royal Rangers leaders to take every action needed to ensure the safety of the boys within their care. Ranger Safety is an online course that provides every leader with vital information on child safety practices and proper supervision. This course is required to be taken every three years to provide leaders with up to date changes and to refresh their memory on this vitally important topic.

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Ranger Safety Online Training Course

A First Aid/CPR course may be completed through any nationally recognized qualified organization such as the American Red Cross, the Green Cross, or the American Heart Association. The course must include demonstration and evaluation of the skills learned in a practical exercise in front of a live instructor. The American Red Cross online First Aid/CPR course at has been approved for this requirement if a live course is not available or cannot be conveniently scheduled.

American Red Cross

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American Heart Association

American Heart Association CPR & First Aid

Please Note: Only the American Red Cross online course has been approved for the SAFETY OLAL (The application specifically says “Red Cross Online Course”) The National CPR Foundation is not considered a “nationally recognized provider” of First Aid/CPR training.