PennDel Royal Ranger Camp Berry, Honey Grove, PA

A 135 acre natural campground with farm house (26 bunks), Barn with climbing wall, large water slide, zip line, archery, paint ball, shooting sports area, GaGa ball, life size Foosball, Ranger Kid activity area, large areas for camping, 5 RV spots, multiple pavilions.  This camp has further development goals and could use the support of PennDel churches investing in the NexGen.

Leader Training

There are several very good online courses for your men to take – Ranger Safety and Ranger Foundations as well as section, district and national training events

Every Boy Initiative

Every boy has the right to know Jesus and develop into the man God has created him to be.

EVERYBoy Initiative | Royal Rangers USA

Royal Rangers Every Boy Initiative - Full Promo 2023 (

New Outpost Scholarship

Here is the link to the Paul Walters scholarship which churches working to start Royal Rangers would be eligible for, along with a sponsoring church. 

Paul Walters Scholarship — Northeast Region Royal Rangers