April-June 2022 Update

We started April by finalizing the shower house to receive the trusses and
roof. April 22-24 FCF Spring Trace was held. Several other projects were
completed – putting metal on the new pavilion, upgrading all lights in the
store to LED, fixing several circuits in the house to make them safe, pressure
washing the wood on the slide. Finally, April 29th and 30th the shower house
truss and roof was completed.
A very special thanks to everyone who came on April 29th and 30th – major
milestone and a lot was accomplished!

FCF Spring Trace held April 22-23. 96
in attendance and over $2,000 raised
for missions in auction.

In April, George Pentz and Steve
Steffel finished plates on top the wall
and Steve added the hurricane ties to
prepare for truss installation.

There were 18 working at camp on
April 29th so one team completed
the metal on this Pavilion, others
were mowing and pressure washing
the woodwork on the water slide
while the other team was working
on the Trusses and Roof of the new
Shower House

Chad, Max and Mark adding metal
to the eaves to preserve the wood
from the elements.

Rob McCoy operating the crane, lifted each truss into place, George Stitely overseeing operation.

Rowland Troutman and George Stitely adjusting a
truss placement, Damon Troutman in background. Looking over the progress of the crane truck picking up the trusses. Brent Heller and another team member installing 2 x 8 eave.

Trusses in place, a few more purlins needed – end of the day April 29

Brent and Riley Heller worked on
installing purlins and other wood trim and Roland and others were busy installing the metal roof.

Team on April 30 – Doug Revell, Rowland Troutman, Riley Heller, Fred Moyer, Brent Heller and Wyatt
Heller. Steve Steffel taking picture and George Pentz not in picture. We didn’t get a team picture for
April 29th, but there were 18 working at the camp.

Metal Roof and Ridge Vent Complete – April 30

District Leaders
Conference – May
21, 2022

Our DLC started with a tour of the PA State Capitol. I failed to get an official complete group photo, but the first picture is in the main rotunda before the tour began and the second picture is in the Supreme Court. We then went to the Ministry Network in Mechanicsburg for lunch and a short meeting and we didn’t capture any pictures.